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Before you begin, please read and familiarize yourself with the warning labels that come with your new helmet. AND REMEMBER: A properly fitted helmet is an important first step in player protection.


Gloss, high gloss, matte & metallic - read the Paint FAQ for help on the available color choices for the shell of your helmet. Need additional help? Email consumerservices@riddell.com to connect with the Riddell Consumer Services Team.

  • What is a Gloss Helmet Color?
  • What is a High Gloss Helmet Color?
  • What is a Matte Helmet Color?
  • What is a Metallic Helmet Color?
  • What can I do to buy my helmet with my teams color if I don"t see it available on Riddell.com?

Reconditioning and Recertification

As of September 1, 2011 NAERA members will not recondition/recertify any football helmet 10 years of age or older. To find out more about Riddell"s reconditioning and recertification service, please browse the topics to the right.

  • What is "reconditioning and recertification"?
  • What should I include in the box when I send my helmet in?


Riddell is a factory-direct company. This means we can provide quick turnaround time on all of our online products because they all come from our factories.

  • How long will it take to receive my helmet?
  • How do I know what color helmet my team"s color is?
  • How do you handle tax exempt statuses?

Returns and Refunds

Returns and Refund policy is different based on the type of product you ordered. Please read this list carefully.

  • How do I return a product I ordered online?

Custom Power Shoulder Pads

Exclusively available through the Riddell Consumer Services team, please refer to these topics to help you understand the product options and ordering specifics of Custom Power shoulder pads.

  • How Do I Order Custom Power Shoulder Pads?
  • Can I Return/Cancel/Change My Custom Power Shoulder Pad?
  • When Will I Receive My Custom Power Shoulder Pad?
  • What Shoulder Pads Are Available to Customize?
  • What Color Options Do I Have For My Custom Power Shoulder Pads?
  • What Back Plates And Rib Belts Are Available For Custom Power Shoulder Pads?
  • What Is The Liner On A Shoulder Pad?
  • What Is The Binding On A Shoulder Pad?

InSite Impact Response System

SMART HELMET TECHNOLOGY FOR SMART PLAY AT ALL LEVELS. The Riddell InSite Response System enabled improved identification and management of head impact exposure by providing continuous objective monitoring and alerting.